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Members of the Association may be individuals or institutions interested in management. Although there are several types of members, a common characteristic for all, is one's interest for perfection and improvement in the technicalities of management and the conviction that its development in the world today passes through a narrow link between university research and the actual experience gained in the practice of management in organization with diverse structures and cultures.

MMA membership is available to all interested parties under the categories classified below:

Charter Member
Distinguished private or public organization or government institutions may be invited according to the criteria defined by the Council.
Corporate Member
Companies, association and other institutions, may be admitted according to the criteria defined by the Council.

Full Member
Individuals who hold academic or professional qualifications relative to management, or who hold an appropriate position of managerial responsibility in an enterprise, academic or government institutions.

Associate Member
Individuals who are not classified as Full Members but who are interested in the theory and practice of management and whose admission is suitably recommanded.

MMA members can enjoy the following:

  • Discount on enrolment to all academic programs including study visits.
  • Discount on in-house training programs.
  • Discount on Room Renting Service.
  • Free to use Library Service.
  • Free issue of quarterly magazine "Macau Manager"
  • Free to use Recruitment Service.
  • Eligible to join YMC and its activities.
  • Eligible to join Language Club and its activities.
  • Eligible to join HR Club and its activities.

Category Entrance Fee Annual Fee
Charter Member NIL MOP$ 10,000 up
Corporate Member MOP$ 1,500 MOP$ 1,500
Full Member MOP$ 1000 MOP$ 400
Associate Member MOP$ 500 MOP$ 200

Simply complete an application form, attached copy of your commercial registration document (for Corporate Member only) or personal ID card (for Full and Associate Member only), and return to the Secretariat.

Application Form for Corporate.......... Download(83kb)
Application Form for Individual.......... Download(32kb)