Foreword, Mission & Objective

  FMDC Introduction
  What is FM
  Benefit of FM
  International FM Organizations


In view of the increasing demand for quality management of different built environment that covers residential, commercial, industrial and public sectors, the Macau Management Association (MMA) believes there are substantial benefits to introduce Facility Management (FM) to the community in Macau and has therefore linked up with FM professionals to establish a Facility Management Development Centre which is in alignment with the Association’s ideology of “Better Management for better future”. FM is considered a contemporary management discipline that has over 25 years of history worldwide. Facility Management integrates both art and science that adopts the principles and techniques of business administration, architecture, engineering and social science. Facility management covers the long term strategic planning as well as daily operations to enable optimization of resources in support of an entity’s core activities leading to the successful achievement of its vision and mission.

With the booming economy of Macau and rapid development of various facilities in recent years, it is considered that a gap exists in between the construction of facilities and subsequent management of these diversified and sophisticated built assets both in terms of engineering services installations, repairs and maintenance of equipment, quality management, emergency response, customer services management and other mission critical activities. The introduction of FM by the MMA through the Facility Management Development Centre (FMDC) is to advance the facility management profession by providing related FM services, products, standards, resources and opportunities to all concerned.