Mission & Scope of Services
  Continuing Education Fund





IVQ is dedicated to the promotion of international vocational qualifications and their practices in Macau. It will provide professional consultation services for corporations to enhance their competitive advantages so as to achieve their corporate goals. Furthermore, it will assist various industries to adopt appropriate vocational qualification schemes to upgrade the skill level of practitioners to cope with the requirements of high value-added, sophisticated technology and knowledge-based economy to which Macau is fast becoming.

Scope of services

  • To search and create a database about vocational qualifications for reference by industries and corporations ;
  • To provide professional consultation services to corporations for training their staff to acquire international vocational qualifications;
  • To collaborate with industries for introducing appropriate international vocational qualifications as well as assisting to organize skill upgrading courses;
  • To introduce and promote the certification of international vocational qualifications with the collaboration of training providers in Macau
  • With the aim to encourage adults with learning aspirations to pursue the international vocational qualifications, IVQ Development Centre offers the Continuous Education Fund which subsidizes eligible applicants to be reimbursed 50% of the examination fee, subject to a maximum sum of MOP1,000, on successful awarding of international vocational qualification certificates.