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The Young Managers' Club is one of the special interest group of MMA and has its mission and objective in the promotion of principles and practices of management in Macau with special emphasis and encouragement on our young executives. The Club is cater for our young executive members with similar interest to meet each other and to develop their professional knowledge.


To provide young executives with opportunities for self-development. To provide facilities for young executives to meet and exchange ideas on manangment. To promote and develop sense of involvement in the Association. To render any other services or to conduct any other activities which are conductive to the attainment of the aim or specific objectives of the Association.

To be a member

Club membership is open to all members (either individual member or representatives of the Corporate/Charter member) of MMA and are executives between 25-45 years of age inclusive.

YMC2016 Planned Activities:
25 June Wine Tasting Workshop

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