Global Management Challenge is an international strategic management competition, which focuses on four major areas of management:- Human Resources, Production, Finance and Sales & Marketing. Participants are required to operate a stock listed manufacturing company (in a team of 3-5 members). It consists of First Round, Second Round and a National Final. The completion of each round requires 5 management decision makings and at the end, the team that has achieved the highest share price shall be adjudged winner of the round.

Since 1996, MMA and Simuladores e Modelos De Gestao (SDG) have been jointly organizing this international competition in Macau, inviting thousands of youngsters (university students and working executives) in testing their management knowledge. One major characteristic of the Game is that it provides a realistic simulation of business life through running a fictitious company interactively in the game simulator. It offers a risk free opportunity for thousands of our youngsters to test their management skills and experience being a top manager of an organization. It acts as an international platform, linking participants with different culture, values and management skills. Today, GMC are played in 20 countries in Asia (China, Hong Kong and Macau), Europe (Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and United Kingdom), Southwest Africa (Angola) and South America (Brazil, Bolivia, and Mexico)

Team trophy and cash prize will be awarded to Champion, 1st and 2nd Runner Ups. While a perpetual trophy will be awarded to team (same team name) that has won the Macau Champion for 3 years. Besides, the Champion team will represent Macau in the International Final, to compete the World Championship title.

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